Monday, August 27, 2012

A tough night-

I can't even think about it, my oldest will be in 3rd grade tomorrow! THIRD GRADE! This may be harder on me this year than all the rest because this is the level I taught. I was a third grade teacher- and now Parker will be in third grade! LORD HELP ME! I can still smell the kids after recess if I close my eyes! Third grade is the best! The kids still love their teacher but are becoming more and more independent. They truly start growing up and developing their own sense of belonging. I have big prayers for this guy. HUGE. Now, I was too lazy to scan, so here are a few pictures of pictures!

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Three Two Hold One Lost said...

Your role was once to teach all those children what they were to learn that school year. Now your role is raise those children who are great listeners, well mannered, healthy, and ready to learn the curriculum of their school year!! You are a wonderful mother and teacher!!!