Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding

Well, I didn't get into all they Royal hype, BUT I do love a good love story and a pretty wedding. Due to ATT, my DVR'd version of the wedding wasn't worth watching, so I caught a highlights show on the BBC. I loved it because it was JUST the highlights but the whole wedding and some background. What I came away with... William and Harry LOOK like they are the best of friends. What they have endured in their life has brought them together and you can see it. Seeing them walk down the aisle together reminded me of Diana's funeral, and remembering how hard their life would be. They look PROUD of each other. I also LOVED the way that Harry turned to see the bride and shared words with his brother about her. How come William couldn't watch her walk down the aisle???? Crazy. I loved Harry's smile though.

The kiss. I loved it, TWICE! You could try to read his lips and see him ask her if again, and her very subtle nod. She is a beautiful lady. Her dress was simple yet stunning. Her bouquet the same.

My prince is out on a bike ride. I think I will go make royal waffles for him on his return....

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Jodi said...

I read that the Prince is supposed to be THE LAST person to see her. :) I think that is kinda cool. And my favorite part was when Harry was looking back and talking about her (with a smirk) to William... such typical brothers.