Friday, April 15, 2011

Rock and Roll Half Marathon

Well, I did it. I finished another half marathon. I didn't do it alone! I had many 'at home' cheerleaders praying for me! I had a few heavenly ones too! I even had a few on the sidelines of the race doing some cheering, but I never saw them! BOO.

Saturday, we headed to the EXPO to pick up our pac

They boys getting their gait checked on their stride.
INTRODUCING... the running crew!

Here is the clan. Photographer of the day... Kelli! It was suppose to be a nice warm day. It turned out rather chili which, probably worked out great, but it wasn't fun planning what to wear!

Well, here we are at the start. We start together, but this girl is like a cheetah! She is off. She is so dedicated with her running and training... and rocked this race. For me.. well, I finished!

Kelli was off to go capture the run with the camera, however, ask her what happened... it's kind of funny now, but wasn't at the time I'm sure! I didn't see her again until the finish. I had a good race. I stopped twice to use the restroom, and walked a bit when I needed to. There was a moment when I was 'in my head' too much and got very emotional. I looked up through the towering Highland Park trees to see some birds, LOTS of birds. Flying in AMAZING formation. I did take this picture, but last weekend, the only other time I have ever seen such a sight. During the race, it just reminded me that God is forever in control of my life. I choose to follow Him. He has given me everything I need. Period. I do miss my friend. I do not like some of the battles I am fighting right now or decisions I am having to make, but HE will use it all to bring Him glory!
I also missed my sister! They waited for 2 hours to see one of us, and none of us connected! The Dallas Morning News man, who took that photo, waited with her for awhile, also hoping to capture of a moment of the 2 of us. Fail. I was just thrilled they tried to come see us!

Stacey did come back and ran with me to finish. I just love him! He took this photo with my phone, moments after we crossed.

After party!
Oh, did I say after party? Brett Michaels was the entertainment after the race. I now have taught my children to sing.... 'talk dirty to me'. Nice. I recorded a bit of it on my phone and have played it for them.. now they sing it... I won't be winning any mother of the year award. All these years of KLTY 24/7, one 20 second snip of 'Talk dirty to me" and I have ruined them! That's all they sing, just that little part... over and over. I WILL get a call from the principal.

YEAH! SO proud of this team!
See the Razor? Yeah, just ask her.

This is Kelly. She is a new friend I have made through Running for Jenny! She trained, with her daughter too, for the half and ran it the day after her birthday. SO COOL!
And she trained with her sister. I've known Becky since college. These 2 girls are amazing and I am blessed to know them! So proud of their accomplishments, and can't wait to see what they do next.

My 2 favorite guys!


Three Two Hold One Lost said...

So proud of you for posting. While you are praying for forgiveness and all the junk that "talk dirty to me" has done for/to your children...haha! Also, pray for God to lead you where you need to go in regards to Jenny. I love you Paige. BTW, you are a great mom. I have thoughts about the rock/roll lyrics and how we can use them to minister to our children someday. Great blogging! Angela

Kelly said...

Way to go! Congrats again! And i LOVE the Bret Michaels funny!

all things girly said...

thats funny that you like Bret M....i never would have guessed!! he lives near us and see him around town! grocery store and stuff... he likes Trader Joes!