Monday, January 17, 2011

Emaline's 5th Birthday Party

Sweet girl was SET on having a roller skating party. Parker and E both got to go to a few skating parties last spring and that is what she wanted. She wanted to skate with her daddy. Kathy did an amazing job on her cake.
It matched the invites I made.
Angie, from Small Town Rags made her shirt.

Yep, even the little brother skated.
Parker is holding a LED flashing gummy rollerskate necklace that were A HIT! A bit dangerous around the neck while skating, but so cool!

The above 2 pictures document this sweet girl. ALL she wanted for her birthday was.... A TRASH CAN and an ALARM CLOCK. A friend asked what she wanted, and since I had already covered the trash can, I told her about the alarm clock. JUST LOOK AT HER FACE! SHE LOVED IT!

Her dream of skating with her daddy.
Bowden had had enough.

He did great!

Emaline letting me know that Bowden needed some help!

We had a great time celebrating Emaline!

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jaymie said...

Happy Birthday E!!! i love the things the little kids are skating with! What a great idea. Kinda looks like Kanyon on his walker!! :) You can't beat a skating party and of course you make it even better. You're the best party mom!