Sunday, January 16, 2011

5 Years... where have they gone

Sweet baby girl, you bring life into this house. You bring joy into our hearts, and you bring LAUGHTER to our souls. I love to Facebook about the great things you say. Most of the time they are when we are in the car, and I have to pull over or try to remember when we finally reach our stopping spot to share with the world the funniest things that come out of your mouth. Just this week:

MOM, I do not like those CA
LL NOW commercials. That is so rude. They just tell you to CA
LL NOW, but what if you are busy? What if you need to think about it before you call and you just CAN'T call now. They should change it to ... Call when you can!

As I pulled a NICE black and white Holstein print coat out of my closet she says:: Mom, can you run in that? (NO) Well, if you could, you would wear it in the Cowtown race and be a cow.

Parker tells her that he is smart for figuring something out... her comment: YOUR KMART SMART.

We talked tonight about that night you were born. You were scheduled for a c-section on the 18th. I thought it would be neat if both my kids were born on the same day just 1 month off. You had OTHER plans. I'm sure I've blogged about this adventure 4 times, but this year it seems to take on another level of love. 5 years ago tonight, I had to call Sweet Jenny to come stay with Parker, who was asleep, while your daddy took me to the hospital. As she got there, we were still throwing stuff in my bag! The bag wasn't finished because I had 2 more days!!!! As the contractions got harder, and more painful, Jenny rubbed my back. She talked so calm to me. She had on her glasses. I remember her in her glasses. She didn't wear them 'out' much. She helped me get to the car, and off we went. Her role, to stay with Parker until Aunt Dee and Mammy could get there after E was born. She came the next day to hold you. You were born in the middle of night. Just as you were that night, you like to do things when you are ready. You love chocolate milk, you love playing with your American Girl dolls and Bitty Baby. You love your Leapster. You LOVE helping your little brother, and anyone else smaller than you. You love being a helper, especially in the classroom and in the kitchen. You just did you TOT performance and you rocked it girl. You love soccer and you always would tell us pregame how many goals you THOUGHT you would score. Love you. You so badly want long hair... and you almost have it. You love doing your own hair, and I have to just put my hands behind my back to let you. Thank you Emaline for being such a special girl. Thank you for sticking with me on our girl nights and girl trips. I had so much fun showing you off at Princess Julie's baby shower. You really have been rocking your manners lately. I love you sweet one. I can't wait to continue to celebrate you the next few days as we continue the birthday celebrations. You want to eat at Chili's and Yogurt story... so that is what we will do. I will close with a few pictures from your TOT!
She closed her eyes because she said she was embarrassed. I love her!
I love you almost birthday girl...


Susan @ Blessed Assurances said...

I love that she is on the front row b/c well..she's the BEST! love cousin emaline!

PS--praying without ceasing for you esp the next few weeks--call if you need a sonic happy hour--i'm your girl

Jodi said...

SWEET EMALINE!! Holy cow, can't BELIEVE you are five! Happy birthday, beautiful little lady!!!

Miss G said...

Wow! She did totally rock it! I am impressed! Your sweet girl has great coordination! Fun to read your thoughts about her! Kelly