Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The recovery

Has been a bit rough. The kids came home over last weekend for about 24 hours, and it was tough. Stacey and Mamma earned badges I am sure. I am not to lift over 10 pounds, 10 POUNDS! My baby is that x 2 and more! I am having no problem doing nothing. I feel guilty though as I should accomplish so much with 2 weeks with out kids in a new house. I should be unpacking, arranging, decorating, finish painting! All of those are NOT included in the doctors orders. I have caught up on GH, watched an entire season of Tori and Dean (it seems), and needlepointed. I also nap at any time I feel tired. I eat when I want and what I want, but have some amazing people that have been bringing dinner. I miss fixing chocolate milk, or laying with the baby, or being asked if a little princess could change her clothes, again.

Mom is here now, the washer is going and I have someone to talk to, so I will leave the computer for a while.


1literatimommy said...

enjoy your rest paige. focus on healing, so when your kiddos return you will have all of the energy they require! :)

Kelly said...

So here's my lecture. :) No guilt allowed! You would feel more guilty if you didn't take care of yourself, which caused more harm. That would be even more time away from the kids.

I know that my surgery was different (but also a week after we moved), but I'm so glad that I really did listen to the 10 lb. lifting rule, because my recovery went really well. No guilt. Try to enjoy. We have several seasons of The Office if you want to borrow them. The time will pass before you know it.

margk said...

I am so glad you had the surgery. I remember you telling me you were going to have this summer and I had hoped you would go through with it. You are in our prayers for a healthy recovery and no more future problems. I know it must be hard not taking care of your kids, but it is a small part of the big picture. Be thankful you have such great family and friends!

Michelle said...

Mommies have to come first. Kiddos need a healthy mommy! Continuing to pray for your healing!