Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Boy am I behind!

We had a great birthday for Stacey! I cooked homemade chicken and dumplings on Thursday night and made his favorite cake for dinner. On Friday we met him for lunch, then for dinner I surprised him. The babysitter (thanks Nana) arrived and off I went to meet Stacey at a parking lot. He had no idea what the plan was, so I brought him pants to change into from his jeans. I made him change in the parking lot (sorry if you saw us at JoAnns in Grapevine, but it makes more drama). I told him he must hurry we were late and have a ways to drive. Nope. Just across the street. After dinner we went to a movie! We couldn't even remember the last time we had seen a movie together. If you haven't seen Pink Panther you should. It will make you laugh.

Saturday Stacey took Parker to the Ranch to ride horses. A day to myself..well almost, Emaline slept a lot. We went to eat with Stacey's family at Buca di Beppo for dinner then to MIL's house for cake.

Sunday, Stacey and I were give Maverick tickets for our birthday! If you know us, you know we are MFFL (Mav's fans for life). Giving up our season tickets was so hard, but a necessity for me to stay home. We took our attire to change(yes we wear Mav's shirts) at church then head to ADD area for lunch and MIL and FIL took the kids home with them. We decided on TruLucks to eat in downtown. We had a great surprise to run into a very special family from our old church Preston Road. In fact, they were the host on Wednesday nights were Stacey and I started dating. They were so generous then and now! Yep, they picked up our check without us even knowing it! The game was exciting, although we must have jinxed them since they lost their home winning streak! We even saw some old ACU friends at the game. Thanks BOP and SID for the tickets.

Some kid news. Parker used the Swiffer duster to cheer up Emaline the other night by tickling her. I now know she will have allergies! He was so proud of himself. Emaline is really trying to hold up her head and is sleeping like a princess. She has even gone 6.5 hours!

Tonight we are starting our Tuesday night bible study again. I sure have missed it. See you tonight girls to be CAPTIVATED!


Amy C said...

Glad you had a great weekend. See you tonight.

Jenni said...

Yep, they sure are generous -- at my big birthday bash weekend before last, they picked up the check for ~25 people (including drinks)!

Glad you both survived the leap to 30 also!

Kelli said...

I need to go to the Paige Pearson school of acronyms. Sounds like a super weekend.

Beck Boys said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. Glad to hear that you still have time to get out with two children. There is hope for the expecting! We do have a name Brazos Zane. Unless we have a big surprise then we will have to scramble and find another name!

jenny biz said...

What a FUN and blessful weekend! Glad you guys were able to celebrate your b-day's!

MDM said...

Sorry about our Suns getting your Mavs. (we live in Phoenix) My brother is also a MFFL. He had a very hard Sunday.