Friday, December 12, 2014

Exactly 1 year....

How can you be so neglected my sweet, dear blog. We have been so busy.... let's see:
in a year...
Attended a Downton Abbey Party
We fell in love with the movie Frozen!
Emaline turned 8
I turned 38
We went to Disney World! The kids first ever trip!
Parker turned 10
Celebrated Stacey turning 38! Yep, I'm older!
Parker and Emaline performed at the Spring musical at church.
My grandmother went to Heaven.
Bowden finished preschool. My baby....
Bowden got registered for Kindergarten.
Parker excelled in gymnastics.
Emaline had fun playing softball.
Parker went to Camp Deer Run.
Parker had an amazing fundraiser on Facebook!
Went to  Schlitterbahn for the first time.
Vacationed at Lake Way.
Bowden turned 6.
I had a great garden.
I worked out at 5:00am almost all year long. (I am taking this month off!)
We bought a house.
We sold our house. (In that order!)
Emaline held a Lemonade Stand.
Enjoyed 6 flags season passes!
Baby started Kinder, E started 3rd, and Parker started 5th.
I started my 8.5 year at preschool. This year I'm teaching chapel.
Parker broke his wrist.
Parker missed the whole season of Flag Football.
Stacey and I celebrated 14 years of married bliss.
Bowden started wrestling. Yes. He. Did.
Photography was good. I am so blessed by great clients. I love my job!
We got a new puppy.  Labradoodle.
All 3 kids performed in the Christmas church musical.
The Lord has been so faithful. My kids have grown in their relationship withe the Jesus. They love HIM! And so do I. He is so good. He holds me. He listens. He forgives me. It's been a great year!!!!

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Miss G said...

Paige! So fun to read all of this! Blessings abound!!

Also, did you get an email from me today about Dressember? Heard it didn't make it to some people and also am not 100% sure I have your correct e-mail address.

love that we're all 38! :) Kelly