Sunday, November 04, 2012

I'm a magnet

A magnet to weird things happening to me! I am a magnet to bees, although not stung. Wasps land on my arm, but do not sting. Mosquitos think I am a buffet when Stacey can stand right beside me and not get a nibble. This weekend- it's something that liked me. Sometime on Friday I was a snack to some creature. I've had throbbing, hardness, and discomfort. This is a picture from today. Gross. Any ideas what it is??? My guess is a spider!!!


Whitney said...

Rat? JK. I would guess a spider too, but I know nothing about bites. I am the same way with mosquitos (they eat me alive and NEVER touch Shane.) ugh.... Hope your bite feels better soon!

Miss G said...

ugg, so sorry! Kelly