Monday, November 22, 2010

Some random Fun ones!

I haven't been a good blogger. I am sorry. I'll work on it. Although my readers have dropped considerably, and I am okay with that. This blog is for me anyway, right? To publish SOMEDAY and have an actual scrapbook that is somewhat completed. So, here are some things I don't want to forget, or maybe I do...We made these cute turkeys for Stacey to take to his Thanksgiving with his family. They moved their family Thanksgiving from Thursday to Saturday and I had already made plans to go out of town, so I got everything ready for him. I panicked because I couldn't find candy corn! These tails were suppose to have candy corn. Instead, I used Mike and Ikes. We set up an assembly line and the kids ROCKED this project.
I volunteered to bring homemade yeast rolls for Stacey's immediate family Thanksgiving ON Thursday, so after many emails with cousins, and a lot of advise from those same sweet cousins whose mother and grandmother was a rock star when it came to rolls....I got my roll on.

We did have one almost catastrophe, I thought to myself as I began this yeast process... does baking powder expire.... uh, YES! Check out the cans! 2002 and 2000! NO WONDER my cinnamon rolls don't look like Ree's! Geesh. Stacey ran out to get me some good baking powder, and I was good to go!
The kids and I went to Paris for a day or so before Thanksgiving so I could do a photoshoot or 2. On our way, we got behind this truck. It slowed us down, and the kids got good laughs as we came up with funny stuff about it. A great memory I don't want to forget. (Disclaimer: I was driving really safe while taking photo :)!)

On our way home form Paris, we stopped at Garden Ridge to look at Christmas trees. Ours was 10 years old and was originally a pre-lit, but it was SELF lit the past few years! BUMMER for me. ANd we needed a taller tree since our first tree had to fit in our 1950's home with low ceilings. I took pictures of the trees the right height with Parker in front of them so that Stacey could see the diameter. This one was too skinny, but I thought I would include the picture.
Bowden actually went to sleep sucking on a Sonic straw. Again, very safe driving.

While in Paris, Bowden's face landed on a cousin's window ledge. I documented the stages of color, but can only find these 2 right now.

I really will try to do better. I have struggled this holiday season... emotionally. I'm coming up for air though... maybe I will blog about it!

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Miss G said...

That's funny about the baking powder. Why do they put the date on the bottom anyway? Who thinks to look there? Kelly