Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Visiting Jenny's Grave

This was one of the last photos I took this day. I tried so hard to remove my reflection out of each picture by stepping far over, or leaning.... but then I decided why? That is when I dreamed up this little frame and took it. Me and Jenny.
David and Rick did a beautiful job.
I have wanted to go see it since I heard it was up. I didn't really want to take the kids, and Beverly had offered to meet me there one day but it just hadn't worked out. As we were heading home from Santa Fe, I looked at Stacey and asked if we could stop. I called Beverly, who was on a bit of a vacay herself and she walked us through finding the cemetery. It is a bit tricky. She kept me on the phone until I seated myself on the bench in the corner they placed there on her birthday. Oh how I miss Jenny!


Jodi said...

Makes my heart hurt and smile at the same time.

Love you.

Three Two Hold One Lost said...

I am happy you had this special time and a special way to connect with her through your photography. Yet, I am so sorry. You are loved. Jenny is loved and missed. Your friend, Angela

all things girly said...

that is amazing! that is exactly what i want one day!! thanks for posting for those of us that cant see it in person!!