Friday, September 10, 2010

A fun day at the RANCH

We went to the ranch for part of Labor Day weekend. We had a blast, and of course I took the camera. What I didn't get a photo of was the tent the big kids and daddy slept in. They did great! Slept all night. I got to sleep inside with B :).
My favorite picture of the day!

Parker practicing his bow! He did so good!

I cropped out the thumbs up!
Love this photo!
Bowden riding the oldest ride at the Ranch. This was Cole's. It only lasted down the hill. It even has a hole in the tire. Like, a literal HOLE with rocks inside of it!
Parker being a COWBOY!

Did someone say, thumbs up?
Cole got in on the thumbs up!

Look at this little doll!
Okay, so the thumbs up is something that B started doing in his photos a few weeks ago. I cannot lift my camera without him giving me one. AND most of them also include the stance on the left!

She loved seeing her shadow!!
WHAT! I hope Stacey has a BIG STICK!
We also made s'mores! Bowden really loved just catching the marshmallows on fire! There was a burn ban, so we had to roast in the grill.

We had a great time at the ranch!

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all things girly said...

u should enter the b&w of Emmaline in some kind of contest....dont know what but that girl is rockin' the photoshoot!!