Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Some December catch up

Parker had a Christmas program, which was an experience. Let's just say that I will be getting there 2 hours early next year so that I am not on the back row, and that Bowden will have a baby sitter. Parker did great! The music teacher did an amazing job and all the grades were just wonderful.
This is our sweet friend Camille. She and Parker have become great friends as well as carpool buddies. After an unfortunate event, I guess, they "BROKE UP" today. I almost laughed out loud when he told me, but I waited until I shut the car door! He even tried to explain a break up to me, which was just as humorous. I texted Camille's mom, and she did some investigating and we think they are just on 'a break' and will totally forget about this in 2 weeks when we begin carpooling again. C's mom also think that Emaline and Olivia (C's sister) may also help in the reconciliation.
Please notice our FIRE in the fireplace. This is our second year with this fire. It may not produce much heat, but it cuts down on allergies.
I know that E's eyes are closed. It happens.

I love him.
Bowden was sitting just like the others until my camera arrived. I love all these peeps.
This was at preschool during Emaline's party. I love her.
Don't forget Santa! A friend gave us this suit and we have been wearing it like crazy. At preschool, I have to stay AWAY from this guy because he screams and hollers when he sees me. SOOO, I sneak around, hide behind trash cans, fall down stairs and try to dash by the 2 way window thing that doesn't work at all. I wanted to see him visit Santa, so I snuck or sneaked, whatever, into the foyer where he was and hid behind my camera for a while. Of course he noticed me, and this photo was taken right before he knew I was the one behind the camera. OH, I love him.
Emaline's performance was rocking! She did a wonderful job. Did I mention that I love her.


Three Two Hold One Lost said...

We love E, too! B is so very cute in his santa suit and just any picture of him is edible. Parker is such a handsome thing!! Glad your Christmas was full! You and S deserve all the goodness this season. May 2010 bring all kinds of peace to ya'll. Love you, Angela

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