Thursday, October 08, 2009

Just a catch up

I have no
idea why this is underlining. NONE. I can't see where I can change it either.

I was able to get in the front of the carpool line yesterday, the VERY first car! Parker has asked me to be first since the first day at school. We were out running errands and Emaline had fallen asleep. It didn't make sense to me to go home and then turn around and come right back to school so I drove on to school and was very productive! I cleaned out my purse, the console, used a wipee to clean the crevices of my console, and put up my state sticker all while Emaline slept. I had some snacks for Bowden so that made him happy for a while. Emaline woke up with just a few minutes until Parker got out. When Parker got into the car...I kept asking if he was proud of me. He didn't have much to say. This morning he told me this:
P: Mom, you don't have to be first in line anymore
MOMMY: But you asked me to be
P: I know, but now I have tried it, and I don't really like it, so now you can be at the end from now on.
MOMMY: Perfect.

I have been trying to get creative with the kids lunches and have found the wonderful world of Bento lunches. NOW, I am not obssessed like some of the people online, but am amazed at their creativity! I did order a few egg molds, and some sauce squirters. The sauce squirters are so small that truly only SOY sauce could fit in it, but I love the egg molds. These are the 2 I got!

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Molly Woodall said...

About the could try to do Control U and maybe it would stop it. Not sure - but just a thought.
Those egg molds are too cool. I guess I'm old and don't know about that stuff anymore.
I love it when you HAVE to be still and do things...look at all you accomplished - just while sitting in line...trying to be first and please your son...he just cracks me up with things he says!
Keep up the good work Mommy!